V.I.P. News Services is Belgrade based independent and profit consulting and news agency.
The company was founded in 1993. The company publishes newsletters in English, targeted to diplomats, journalists, humanitarian workers, businessmen and all the people dealing with political and economic situation in Serbia. After operating for 24 years, V.I.P. News Services became solid, reliable and accurate source of information. The company cooperates with numerous independent journalists and analysts.
V.I.P. News Services
─îika Ljubina 6/II, 11 000 Belgrade
Phone: (+381 11) 32 82 360
VIP News | V.I.P. Daily News Report
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V.I.P. Daily News Report

V.I.P. Daily News Report is daily newsletter in English published on weekdays. It consists of daily diet of news and reports on politics and business, as well as of reliable analyses of political events in, or related to Serbia. Our subscribers are many embassies: Austria, Belgium, Brasil, France, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Korea, Germany, Egypt, Iran, Spain, USA, Netherlands, Italy, etc. Also, our subscribers are: UN, UNICEF, UNMIK, OSCE, World bank, SRF, Ansa, RIA Novosti, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, many libraries, NGO’s, etc.